Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fallout New Vegas: Crowning Moment of Awesome... for Veronica

Hello, neglected blog. I needed a place to nerd out about video games, and then I remembered: here you are.

While I have grand plans to do a comprehensive review of Fallout: New Vegas (a year later, why not?), I decided to wait till I finish Lonesome Road first.

In the meantime, I want to share my crowning moment of awesome for my favorite F:NV companion. The following contains spoilers:

So, there we were, having infiltrated the Legion Camp, and I (Jinx, the Urban Space Cowgirl, AKA "Courier") was about to face Darth Vader Legate Lanius himself. I had read about how tough he was on the Internetz, how the very best at tactical fighting and FPS type players were killed over and over by him, how he was a BEAST. While I was very high level (44?) I am not the very best at combat, and was going for drama in terms of equipment (Joshua's armor and pistol). I thought, I've got Speech out the wazoo, hopefully I can talk him down.

Marching behind me were my backup: a bunch of creaky-kneed retired Nazis in power armor, and Veronica Santangelo, also clad in Enclave armor, courtesy of Arcade Gannon.

I talked to the Legate. I passed speech checks! But I got saucy with him anyway, and he decided to attack.

Except he ran past me, toward my backup crew.

Veronica stepped forward, sending an uppercut to his masked jaw that would have made a Deathclaw weep. He was thrown into the air, landed, turned around, and ran back toward me as if to scream, "Mommy."

I caught him in VATS: he was below half hit points. I finished him off with a shot to the arm courtesy of a Light Shining in Darkness.

The giant cazadors in Zion gave me four times as much trouble. And probably? Because I couldn't take Veronica with me.

The moral of the story: bow down and worship the lesbian techno-monk, fools. All hail Veronica.